Change Order Management

Change Order Management and Variation assessment

We focus on eliminating reasons for change orders increasing efficiency and increasing project profitability.


Change orders cause hindrance to the regular workflow and reduce the pace of work. Making it essential to focus on where we can prevent changes from happening in the first place, or at least be more conscious of the costs and not have as many of them. At Bidkon, we are mainly focused on the changes and the design activities that drive change. We document change events, categorize the reasons underlying the events and create customized change event reports. Through this categorization, we will identify trends and take corrective action. We do comprehensive measurement of Bill of Quantities for its purpose in the project which is beneficial for providing an extensive and vibrant statement of the work to be executed and providing a strong basis for monetary control and precise cost reporting. We can help review variations independently or on a whole project or on contract basis. Variation Assessment and Documentation for the interim and final payments of the work done in agreement with the Conditions of Contract.

Change Order Management