Pre Construction

Pre Tender Services

Every project we deliver is an opportunity for us to bring our unique thinking to solve problems, innovate and collaborate with our clients and beyond.

A vital part in Pre-Construction Phase relies on identifying potential risks and and implementing contingency plans.

Wether preventative action is taken before work begins or as soon as a risk is identified, we have the industry-based knowledge and foresight to provide cost effective and timely advice during the life of a project. Throughout the different phases we are on hand to support the teams to reassess and update the work. Our services can be designed to suit any given situation, but may include cost consulting, Quantity Surveying and Cost Control.


Feasibility Studies

Bidkon consultants conducts detailed study of all the factors that can impact the project at the concept stage itself. The feasibility study of construction projects includes analysis of construction costs, operating and maintenance costs, site servicing, budget, competitor analysis, market place study, and cash flows etc. A Feasibility Study will deliver a precise budget to work with, and a view of both hard and soft building costs. As an integral part of the services, the client will also be advised about construction cost concerning their proposed project at the initial stage of the concept itself.

Quantity Surveying​

Bidkon consultants guarantee the most precise takeoff as our team of proficient Quantity Surveyors can all minute aspects of your project in detail, providing accurate bill of quantities and reviews.Being one of the best quantity surveyors in Melbourne our team of highly specialized and experienced professionals provide detailed precise and accurate take offs with comprehensive measurements, on the basis of drawings, specifications, schedules. We have successfully delivered projects for residential, commercial, institutional, health care, military and government sectors. We are committed to focusing on our clients’ individual needs and aim to offer a fast and efficient service. Our team members embrace Chartered Surveyors, Structural, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Quantity Surveyors.

Tender Estimates​

Each estimate is important to you – so it’s important to our team. We help clients secure the right project for the correct value by providing detailed estimates. As explicit service or as a part of overall construction management, we provide our clients with precise quantity takeoffs and pricing from a construction project’s conception phase to closeout. Our wide experience and knowledge within construction, technical, strategies of construction etc. permits us to accurately tender for projects. We will work together with our clients, designers, contractors and industry leaders to provide cost, contract, program, risk and value based estimating services.

Cost Modelling

Bidkon consultants cost models are dynamic, determine realistic budgets, estimates and expenditure. Cost plans and bills of quantities for all provided for all types of buildings . Bidkon delivers cost modelling services based on proven methodology that have proven themselves. With an essential and efficient cost study of the project will be arranged based on the accepted tender. The start of a fruitful project starts with a good idea and a substantiated cost model. We believe that Cost models we generate deliver detailed and truthful budgets, tremendously quickly.

Cost Control ​

Bidkon construction consultants cost control plans, control the project costs to ensure outcomes exactly align with expectations of the project. Transparent and accurate estimating, cautious cost control, gives managements a proactive approach critical to a project’s success. The drive of cost control measures goals to achieve a stable design expenditure between the various elements of the building. We control and manage cost throughout all the stages of the design and construction to ensure that the preliminary estimate, tender figure and final account sum are exactly connected. Our cost control approaches include cost planning, cost advice & assessments of alternative materials and methods of constriction. To allow full cost control, we incorporate change management procedures into project procurement.

Cost Consulting

Bidkon construction consultants proactive approach ensures the finest value for our clients. We Provide high-level deliberate cost consulting, cost management throughout the Project primarily by recognizing costs and risks early in the project cycle, we put forward these factors in elaborate detail for the client understanding which yield many benefits. It’s substantial to form vigorous cost planning and value management into all projects right from the start. Our cost counsellors and quantity surveyors use innovative practices like BIM cost management to take both economy and certainty of price, achieving successful projects easily within reasonable budget.