Tender Estimates

Tender Estimates are the final estimation of the cost of the works that are described in the tender documents prepared to find tenders from potential suppliers.

Tender estimates


Tender estimates include preparing of detailed bills of quantities for Structural, MEP, Architectural works and other tender documentation to acquire adequate and reasonable tenders for the project. Tender Documents consist of General & Particular Terms of Contract, Preliminaries, Guidelines to Tenderers, Method of Measurements, Preparation of Pre-Tender Estimate, Letter of Intent, Letter of Award and liaison with technical consultants to produce a complete tender package. Each estimate is important to you – so it’s important to our team. We help clients secure the right project for the correct value by providing detailed estimates. As explicit service or as a part of overall construction management, we provide our clients with precise quantity takeoffs and pricing from a construction project’s conception phase to closeout. Our wide experience and knowledge within construction, technical, strategies of construction etc. permits us to accurately tender for projects. We will work together with our clients, designers, contractors and industry leaders to provide cost, contract, program, risk and value based estimating services.

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