About us

About Us

Bidkon Quantity Surveyors was founded by Hasan Aslam AIQS (Affil.)

Bidkon construction consultants team offers expert quantity surveying and cost estimation services. Our cost advice assists clients to  successfully deliver projects against a backdrop of finite resources, ambitious time schedules and limited budgets. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at both capital cost and project life cycle levels. 

To ensure that the most economic and environmentally sustainable service solutions are adopted. A specialist cost consultant is assigned on every project lead by Hasan Aslam. Therefore, the work which we deliver is rounded, full, exact, and complete in its parts. It is this meticulous delivery which we are recognized for. Most Importantly, he believes in paying attention to detail to trivial things and never withhold on that extra effort, those additional few minutes, ensures the very best that we can do. It is our trademark.

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To become one of the lead organisation on providing comprehensive yet practical approach to cost management of engineering projects and to make a difference through our work and leave a lasting positive legacy. Also offering clients, high quality consultancy services in support of the planning, creation and management of Construction Projects.


Our vision is to build a Project Management & Cost Consulting Consultancy that truly understands the complexities involved in Project Management and strives to achieve strategic objectives for organization .We provide advices enabling the customer to save the cost by foreseeing the complexities involved in the project while achieving its strategic objectives.

Bidkon Consultants
Bidkon Consultants


Our Mission is to deliver projects for our clients which exceed their expectations in achieving project objectives in terms of cost, time, safety sustainability & quality and to build a team that is unfaced by the challenges. It confronts on our journey to becoming leading construction consultant firm.


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