Post Construction


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Bidkon helps resolving disputes by establishing a clear, commercially driven approach, promoting early resolution.

Bidkon Construction Consulting produce high quality, fully exclusive claim submissions complete with supporting appendices of evidence and identification of the causes of the claim and their significant effect on the project.


Alternative dispute resolution​

Bidkon construction consultant expertise in the reports for settling disputes among various stake holders saving loads of money and preventing clients getting into litigation and negotiations.

Delay Analysis

More often than not construction projects get delayed due to the number of different stake holders involved in it and result in construction disputes and claims. Our experts with elaborate knowledge and experience of construction projects, means and methods develop a full proof methodology to conduct the analysis.


Our process is solution driven.
We believe that – confidentiality creates an environment conducive to open, structured and focused negotiation.
In case of disputes between parties, mediation sessions will be conducted in accordance with regulations. We undertake the role of Arbitrator in accordance with standard procedure, a fair determination will be conducted of each party’s rights if the mediation is unsuccessful.

Claim Preparation​

Our people work closely with our clients to alleviate risk and achieve the best solution. We ensure to have all the relevant facts, detail and information to ensure we are able to fully safeguard your best interests. We develop the best possible mitigation scenario to recover loss and provide a valid and robust defense against claims by analyzing the facts to identify where the time and/or money has gone, and by whom & where the issues have been created.

Over head analysis​

Construction projects are complicated and many different minute fragments work together to the perfect outcome, bringing this different fragments together has an additional cost which are increasing steadily. So new bench marks and overhead cost control methodologies are adopted for the best results.

Project analysis​

Construction projects have so many complexities that affect the success of the project. However, these can seldom be eliminated just by risk management strategies only. Every project completed gives us opportunity to introspect analyse data and create new benchmark for our future construction projects. Making it good practice to analyse the project even after its completed.